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to help us prevent any incidents happening. >> reporter: never before would you see afghan police patrolling in american humvees. authorities are confident the taliban won't be able to stop voters from heading to polling station. >> in case something happened, those will be i.d.s. which are difficult. or some sporadic shooting from outside of the city like from the districts but also we want to minimize those when we send forces to the district as well. >> reporter: the facr naeshing districts of kandahar city have a strong taliban presence and thursday's voting day will show just how tight the noose is around this capital. ze ina kandahar. >>> next door in helmand province offensive by american and british troops has been under way for a while. one immediate goal is to push back the taliban so that more people can vote thursday but as lindsay hill som, after decades of warfare. remains skeptical about the motives the foreign troops and fearful of their own safety. >> reporter: coming into land in what the british call a liberated area. seized from the taliban in operation princes
used to provide transparency in the workings of government. our guest is ellen miller of the sunlight foundation. >> ellen miller is directing of sunlight and is the guest this week on "the communicators" to talk about politics money and technology. producer of the communicators is joining in the questioning this week. ms. miller if you could start by telling about the sunlight foundation is and what it does. >> it is a 3-year-old nonprofit non-partisan institution that was designed to create greater transparency for the work of the u.s. government using the technology so the internet and of technologies underlying are at the heart of everything we do and we are interested in transparency particularly data and information about government and using the technology to put it in the head of citizens where it belongs. >> and how do you use the technology and what kind of technology to use? >> we use several pieces. one as the sort of core of our work is making sure that information produced and about the u.s. congress and exit of privilege and the regulatory agencies is available online i
department calls the biggest case of hacking and identity theft in u.s. history. >>> brute force. disturbing police dash cam video in minneapolis prompts a federal investigation. >>> and contaminated currency. you won't believe what researchers found on up to 90% of u.s. paper money. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> this is "early today" for tuesday, aun 18th, 2009. good morning, i'm dan kloeffler. today we begin with a credit caper. it is being called the largest case of cyber crime prosecuted in u.s. history. 130 million credit and debit cards stolen over a two-year period. according to police, it was all master-minded by a one-time government innorchlant. 28-year-old albert gonzalez, along with two unnamed accomplices hacked into the databases to steal private customer information. that data was allegedly sold online. gonzalez is already charged in another credit cyber crime and has been in federal custody since 2008. >>> although it was years ago, he cut a deal with the secret service to track down fellow hackers. prosecutors say he returned to that criminal activity, sp
've got you to do that with us. thank you. >>> this is what else we're going to do, take the public option into the examination room, so to speak. a new segment we're going to be calling health care right now. let's go over to our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. try to break this one down for us. >> right, rick. some people love the public option, others hate it. but i think a lot of people don't even really know what it is. so that's what we're going to do today. let's take a look at what is the public option is in both the senate and the house plans as it stands. the premiums for it would be 10% to 20% lower than private insurance and basically it would -- the government would pay for -- would fund most of this program, the government would administer it, which is why people have problems. it's similar in many ways to medicare. it's government-paid, government-sponsored health insurance for everyone 65 and older, in many ways the public option would be medicare for younger people, rick? >> you know, when you look at the plan, though, you can't help but wonder if it's like m
the seller was offering it to us. >> the taliban is trying hard to derail the -- a suicide bomber killed 10, including two u.s. workers. the chief spokesman is arrested. welcome to "bbc world news," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later for you -- farewell sunshine. south korea mourns the death of the president who championed a reconciliation with the north. and he never cooks at home, but he is big on breakfast tv. a celebrity chef. hello to you. thousands of voting cards offered for thousands of dollars in bribes to buy votes. the bbc has uncovered evidence of fraud and corruption. this in the run-up to the election in afghanistan. the afghan election commission has denied that voting cards are being sold and said in any case that can only be used for the rightful owners. questions are being asked how credible the poll can be. we have this report. >> the city is full of rumors about this election -- fraud, corruption, and backroom deals with notorious war lords. we were given a tipoff the voting cards were being sold in cobble -- kabul. an afghan posed as a buy
homes that are now 50% off their peaks or even more. >> reporter: the u.s. economy can't rebound without consumer spending and many economists say the consumer can't start spending until the housing market and employment stabilize. that's why retailers earnings reports are so closely watched. u.s. stocks opened higher this morning with better than expected results from some retailers especially discounters. >> value is still important and as a result you are seeing the value retailers gain shares clearly where the demands are. >> reporter: despite positive number it is recession's impact may be felt for some time. leanne gregg, nbc news. >>> the confidence level in the housing industry this month is the miest it has been in more than a year. >>> one lawmaker described him as a washington constitution. robert novak has died today after a long battle with brain cancer. his wife said he died early this morning at his home in washington. novak had been a columnist for the "chicago sun-times" for decades. he became a household name and face as commentator and co-host of cnn's "crossfire." he
into spotsylvania county. anon cctwastn ios scheduled to begin next summer. transportation officials tell us they are putting the plan on hold now because of financial concerns about how to pay for the roads. as well as opposition from some local governments about the impact that they will have on traffic. meanwhile, a reminder for drivers in our area that the school year is just around the corner and that means more cars out on the roads. aaa reminds us to warn drivers to start slowing down now. classes start as early as next week for students in the district. that means slowing down to 15 miles per hour in school zones in d.c. and in maryland, motorists should be aware of the speed camera program that will expand statewide this october. currently only montgomery county us speed cams in school zones and near school property. >> with less an week before school opens in the district, city health officials are stepping up efforts to make sure students have all their require shots. special clinics will be open later this week. tom sherwood joins us with a story. tom? >> the city is doing a lot
about 0.9%. psychiatrist teen. >> hey, bertha. joining us now for market strategy, we have our panelist, david cosbow. and here in singapore, steven davis, ceo of javelin wealth management. steven, are you at all surprised at how big a role the shanghai market played today in dictating market direction here in data? is this a start of more to come? >> i don't think one should be at all surprised. i think the only thing that's a surprised is that it's taken as long as it has in order to have a relatively sharp, quick correction. i think overall, asian markets have all rallied extraordinarily strongly this year, and in particular, obviously, since their lows of march 9th. so it's inevitable that we're going to see a degree of profit taking, readjustment of portfolios, call it what you will. i think on a longer term basis, the outlook looks roently positive and certainly our view remains that one should be using bouts of selling pressure to accumulate a bit more on weakness. >> david, do you agree with what stephen just said? >> yes, i think china is definitely important. there's no -- and
. >> the words that she used, the fact that she was on a cell phone and somebody did it anyway. the location, as i understand it, is not a location where somebody would be driving around looking for a random victim. >> you'd have to go out and interview almost everybody she knew, particularly the probationees or parolees. you cannot omit anybody. >> and tonight, live to anaheim. a quite community reeling after a suitcase discovered in a communal duct is revealing a body. the petite small-framed young woman remains unidentified. who is she? how did she come to be murdered and then thrown away like trash? tonight cops work around the clock to make an i.d. >> i reached over into the dumpster with my finger and pulled up the flap with my finger and i discovered the body. >> a shocking discovery. a 20-something woman's body found in a suitcase. police looking for who did it. >> officers received a call about 7:00 this morning from a subject that had been looking for recyclables in the dumpster. while looking for recyclables, he came across a suitcase and while looking at the suitcase, he came acr
all of them, no one was injured. and here's what maybes and -- neighbors told us a while back. >> i woke up at 5:00 a.m. and heard some noise and looked outside and saw flames and fire trucks. >> reporter: how does it feel to know this is just one of seven arson fires set throughout the neighborhood morning. >> kind of scary to know this is going on. because we feel pretty safe in our neighborhood so something like this is a little alarming. >> very much of a concern to us. potentially at that time of the morning it could have gone unnoticed and traveled to occupied homes where people were sleeping and been tragic. >> reporter: right now there's still a lot of smoke here. you can see it in the air. it is quite accurate and this is the aftermath of one of the hay bail fires that took place. six others and now as we just told you firefighters are on the scene of a barn fire and also in the damascus area and they are investigating the vandalized post boxes. quite a scene out here in damascus. this is usually a quiet area of montgomery county, but, j.c., that's not the case today. repor
and prayers for me and my family. because of all that is going on, i'm afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail. therefore, i recorded this video to let all of you know that i have been receiving your messages. i have not been able to thank you personally, which as you know, is not normal for me. your messages give me strength and courage, and keep me going. they mean the world to me. please don't worry. as long as i keep god in my heart and you in my life, i will be fine. i have done all i can do. i told the truth and i have faith the truth will prevail. god bless you, and thank you. >> all right. want to hear from you on this. taking your calls at 1-877-tell hln. back with us to talk about this statement, jim moray, chief correspondent, inside edition and ann bremner. ann also sat in on michael jackson's molestation trial. jim, what do you make of this? first public comments and this is what we get. what are your thoughts here? >> well, it's a public comment but he really didn't say anything. he seems to be more of a public relations issue than anything that carries legal weight. he sa
. >> they were carrying weapons on them. and we keep foe using on legislation at the state to get some, to deal with illegal guns. i guarantee you if they caught the guy he would have been out the next day with a slap on the hand. >> police are not are increasing patrols, instead they are changing tactics and being more aggressive. >> we need to be vigilant. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news "late edition". >> that brings us to the question of the day. do you feel safe at the insure? at last check, 18 percent of you say yes. 82 percent say no. shaun from shawsville writes, there needs to be tighter security. take this incident as a warning before it is too late. and a life or lives are lost. to read more responses go to and click on our question of the day. >> first on fox. more meter madness downtown. this time, it is fueled by a plan to raise the cost of street parking. the proposed rate increase would affect most of downtown, including the inner harbour. metered parking would go from $1 an hour to $2 an hour. and initially with approval to go up to $3 an hour in the mount vern
right now also down to the south of us and the park and andarundle county west of annapolis with heavy rain and back to randall town and reece town and another cell making its way in wood lawn security square area. take note of that because a lot of lightning with it. charged up atmosphere with the heat. over 1,000 strikes since the last hour in the central maryland year. so looking at a lot of activity over parts of andarundle county, baltimore city, baltimore couldn't. under severe thunderstorm warning right now for andarundle county until 6:30 p.m. baltimore city until 6:15 p.m. looking at severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 in baltimore county. harper couldn't and carol couldn't until circumstances:15. under the severe thunderstorm warning for the next 45 minutes across much of central maryland. 10 to track the storms and coming up in a bit. >> talk to you in a few more enlts. elderly man mean team recovering from a beating that occurred this morning in south baltimore. it's a hate crime. keith jones with us more on the top story tonight. >>reporter: police say the 76-ye
protect you from the h1n1 virus this flu season. thanks for joining us. today is august 18th. angie is here and she is smiling. hopefully that is a good sign as far as traffic is concerned and kim is smiling even though it is sunny and humid outside. >> the humidity gets us every summer. angie has this muscle milk. she will share the scoop on that. >> let's get started. look around and up humid and on u youp e . 7 we 7atsiin deto s we'r at 77 inside e thltbeway. weshare that wi th with richmond. up th canumberld a beautiful morning with 73. ocean city, hitting the beach today it will be a good beach day. up to 91. a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon. our high temperatures similar to what we saw yesterday. tomorrow more scattered storm and 89 degrees. a look at the satellite and radar loop. clouds are few and far between at the moment. toward west virginia a batch of moisture. this is along a front that will slow down as it comes here. hopefully an afternoon cooling thunderstorm or two. the sunset is still close to 00 but every morning when i drive in to work it is getting dark
break. crews working hard on westbound 198 before u.s. 29. use caution. volume is light because it is early but you may want to factor in an extra minute or two if you head that way. look at 270 and show you outside that traffic is flowing freely past 121. drivers are making their way to the split. and mice and quiet commute as we track the beltway in virginia. doing fine from 95 to 66. on 395. taking it outside. that northbound trip is delay free past duke street to the district. and finally on 95 in virginia from fredericksburg to the mixing bowl looking at a clear commute. that overall drive time of 40 minutes. andrea, over to you. >>> the hot lanes expansion is being put on the back burner in virginia. governor tim kaine says a weak economy and shaky bond market are to blame. 9 news now digital correspondent, armando trull , is live from springfield with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the hot lane construction project would have run on this part of 395 and 95 and the state was going to pay for that by selling bonds. virginia's transportation secretary sa
>> thank you for joining us. we will get a check on traffic and weather together. the morning commute may be better than the evening commute as far as the weather is concerned. >> yes. we are starting off with clear skies. we will have some thunderstorms this evening. let's take a look at our satellite picture right now. some heavier clouds are out to the west. 72 degrees at bwi. 77 degrees at ocean city. waking up to 75 degrees. 85 degrees by lunchtime. by dinner time, those rain showers and thunderstorms start to roll in. they start off isolated. then there will increase in their coverage. tomorrow, we will do it all over again. >> of canada. -- ok. >> the morning commute is looking pretty good so far. we have an accident in glen burnie. an alternate is ritchie highway or 97. they hope to have that cleaned up by 7:00 today. both plans to shut down. we will see if that happens. the water main break at bellaire road at plummer avenue. the alternate is going to be hartford road. northbound 83, the harrisburg expressway, an accident involving a car and a dump truck. a few things
? a weekend shooting has us all worried about gangs. lawmakers want tougher and longer sentences for criminals. the city's top prosecutor says she and her staff are doing all they can to fight gang violence. right now it's not a crime in our state to be a member of a gang. >> this year mrs. jessamy has already begun several meetings from the month of july with prosecutors throughout the state, with police, to, again go back to the legislature with a new package of bills that identify what we need to prosecute gang members. >> police believe the two victims in saturday's shooting in the light street pavilion were gang members. the police commissioner says officers patrolling the inner harbor are being told to identify and chase away gang members. >>> 22-year-old dallas smith is going to prison, will serve eight years for carrying a pipe bomb in his backpack near a biotechnology center in baltimore. smith was found guilty yesterday of having an explosive device, trying to take a gun away from a cop. in july of last year two university of maryland officers stopped smith after they say he was acti
captning sponsored by wpbt paul: u.s. stocks take it o the chin with the dow posting its biggest drop in ov a month, down 2% at has some wondering if the summerally's over or just taking a breather. >> jeff:oday's selling started in asia and spread arounthe globe, despi japan's emergence from recession. glal markets strategist stu schweitzer joins us r a look at the b picture. just to be on the safe sid we decided not tkill any engines shred any cars until the government funds the program. d pays for it. >> paul: sam mansouri'among thousands of car dealers waing on a "cash forlunkers" payday d wondering what's nexfor the industry >> jeff: then, shares of lows get nailed, faing 10% as the home impvement retailer's latest earnings miss the mar and it pulls bk on expansion pls. >> paul: i'm paul kaas. >> jeff: and'm jeff yastine. sie gharib is off tonight. this is "nightly busines report" for mond, august 17. "nightly business report" is made possib by: this program was me possible byontributions to your pbs station from viewe like you. thk you. >> jeff: good eveng, everyone. stoc
by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. we would give a check of the forecast right now. sandra shaw is on her way to new york to fill in for kelly. >> yes. we are going to be dealing with scattered storms in the evening hours. if you patchy clouds starting to move in. temperatures right now still 76 degrees downtown. 72 degrees at the airport. 77 degrees in ocean city. an increase in costs by at lunchtime. as far as weather is concerned, it should not impact traffic. what do you have before us? >> whether is not impacting traffic. we have a downed tree in owings mills. we will keep an eye on that to see if any delays develop. we have a water main break on southbound bel air road. automating traffic northbound which will cause some big problems -- and they are alternating traffic northbound which will cause some big problems. and an accident in glen burnie. the inner loop and out of luke are moving fine. a bit of a shot -- inner loop and outer loop are moving fine. a beautiful shot as th
. >> this isn't brain surgery, they give us clues. and we should act on those clues before trouble starts. that's my lane, right? that's what i want my cops to do. and i want them to go up and i want them to say, welcome to the harbor. don't act like a jerk here, we want you to have a good time, but leave all this gang stuff at home. or if you can't, go back home, and then we'll deal with you there. you don't get to act like a fool here. >> wjz was the only station there last night as mayor dixon walked around the inner harbor asking questions of merchants, tourists and police officers, she's trying to get a better sense for herself of what it will take to make that area more safe and secure. meanwhile, the police commissioner himself says that the case has not been cracked yet, no arrests have been made, he says that the victims in the case are not being cooperative whatsoever, because they themselves are gang members, and he says he's hoping someone from the public will come forward to help them crack this case. we're live at the police academy, eyewitness news. >> thank you, we'll look for m
credit card theft in u.s. history. >>> columnist and tv commentator robert novak died this morning here in washington. >>> we begin tonight with news out of northeast d.c. where they found a body inside of a pizza shop this afternoon at a restaurant that had been set on fire. good evening. i'm jim vance. at y bth wodouasnd f at at body was found atza piz ma t prt mart at frtee sttr izms seet se bckenn oisnhe jackie bensen is on the s on th >> reporter: news that an employee had been found dead, murdered, inside the pizza mart here at fourth and adams street northeast has sent shock waves through the neighborhood just off rhode island avenue northeast. right now, police are looking into the possibility that the man was murdered last night. and not discovered until officers were sent to check on his welfare about 1:00 this afternoon. the thing that has investigators somewhat puzzled at this point is that police tell us the restaurant was locked uptight when the first officers arrived and they had to force entry inside and neighbors tell us they are very upset about this. >> very nice man
cardin told us tonight. >> heat and humidity. what the next front could bring us in the sky watch forecast. >> and plans for indy cars to actually speed through downtown baltimore. the twist and turns of the baltimore grand prix. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. paying more to park downtown. how much more it could cost you to feed the meter. >> a plan on the table now could double the cost. it has some drivers seeing red are tonight. keith daniels live downtown with the story you are seeing first on fox on. keith? >> jeff, take a look at this. if the plan is approved it would include meter boxes like this one, and, of course, those standing meter boxes, with the twisting knobs. it is just before rush hour in downtown baltimore. anthony wheeler has stopped to park on park avenue. he fed the meter. >> i think two quarters. >> 50 cents at a parking meter. new concept for willard. >> i actually moved here from montana and we are not used to having to pay anything to park. >> so
't have any public events on his schedule. that worries us. what happens here at the white house, the press conference, something. the president is sitting down with the staff and very quietly going on with all of the options with health care reform. we didn't have the senate supporting the public option. they waned to bring in more republicans, the blue dog democrats, as well as assure people that the insurance companies -- the private insurance companies that believe they're going to go out of business, that public health care reform is'a bad idea. what else circulates. what's out there -- perhaps the idea of a co-op. you see the back and forth. one is de-emphasized, another pops up. this is about give us something, guys. what's going to stick here? hopefully the health care legislation believes he's going to sign to law is'going to look the way it looks today, yesterday. we're trying to get a balance, if you will, to see what is the formula to get the most support. >> interesting to see what else percolates out there. a little later at 7:10, speak with congressman weiner we sa
? because at the state level, that's the big consumer of state budgets. >> right. we use data from the medical expenditure panel survey and we used the dissolution of the medicaid spending that was in an altered that spending basically in the same way we altered spending for other payers. okay. are there other questions? all right. thank you very much, everyone, for your time and i would be happy to take questions afterwards if you would just like to contact me personally. thanks again. in a few moments, the first news conference with dr. francis collins, the new director of the fast institutes of health. -- national institutes of health. >> the new director of the national institutes of health, dr. collins, held his first news conference yesterday, since being confirmed a little over a week ago. as we begin, he outlines some of his priorities. this is about an hour. >> in my presentation to the town meeting this morning, i tried to outline five specific themes that i think are useful in terms of portraying particular areas of unique opportunity and i will do that briefly for you n
her. >> the words she used, the fact she was on a cell phone, someone did it any way. the location is not a location where somebody would be looking for a random victim. >> you have to interview almost everybody she flew. you cannot omit anybody. >> and tonight, live to anaheim. a quite community reeling after a suitcase is opened to reveal a body. the small-framed young woman remains unidentified. who is she? how did she come to be murdered and thrown way like trash? cops work around the clock to make an id. >> i reached into the dumpster, pulled up the flap, i discovered the body. >> a shocking discovery. a 20-something woman's body found in a suitcase. >> a call about 7:00 this morning, from a subject that had been lookinging if recycleables. >> man trolling the dumpster finds the woman. the police find a nude, small-framed woman inside a small suitcase. >> it was probably about a three-foot suitcase. he lifted it up, you could see a shoulder and an arm. there where no clothes on it. >> an autopsy just conducted, trying to determine cause of death. >> how they got it in a suitca
passing day. he is a catergory ii hurricane now. >> but he is going to leave us alone, right? >> that remains to be seen. by the end of the week is when he would have an influence on the eastern seaboard, but there's a chance he may curl out to sea. you may be correct, but we may have to watch it closely. around here it's mainly the hot temperatures we are having to deal with. right now it's 76 degrees in baltimore and the surrounding areas also in the 70s. will you see showers trying to make their way into the west, a few of them have made their way into garrett county. 20% chance for later in the afternoon, especially. let's time it out here in the future scan model, you will see the shower chances increasing through the later part of the day. it looks like it's throughout the region indicated by all of that green, but it's going to be more of an isolated incident around 5 to 10:00 p.m. and closer to 10:00 p.m., and eastern shore maybe until 10:00 p.m. we're going to see repeated or some definite distinct chances throughout the area at different times through the day. they
the president will lose 100 votes in the u.s. house. meanwhile, senator inspector is not about to write off -- senator spector, is not about to write it off. listen to this. >> because there are some people who are discouraged about it. the coop might have the same elements where there is an operation which is not for profit. but let's write the bill, let's consider it and let's try to do something positive. gretchen: the interesting thing here is they probably have the votes in the house to pass the health care reform bill with the government-run program intact. but they may not have the votes, the democrats in the senate because a lot of the blue dogs have said, hey, we are not going to pass this, we are not going to put our nation further into debt for the remainder of our children and grandchildren to try to figure out. so the interesting thing about health and human services secretary kathleen cebellius was, was that for conservatives who don't want the government-run program or for the liberals? i think it was for the liberals. you saw the reaction more from them. steve: absolutely. g
telling us what we can go to the doctor, what kind of doctor begin to, or who we can go to for anything. we want to retain the freedoms that we have in this country. >> all i am asking is a senator to make something that is not so wicked complex, so long -- >> that is what government takeover does. greta: now, if you think town halls are only relevant to health care, think again. minnesota governor tim pawlenty says this battle is good for the gop. good? how? he is going to tell us. he joins us live. why are these town hall was a good for your party? >> well, theseç are the sights and soundsç of democracy you jt played in action, greta, so any time we have the battle of ideas, i think the republicans have better ideas, and president obama has put a flag in the ground, saying we have a seminal moment, and a think americans are figuring out that it is bad for america and bad for them, so i think we are seeing the pendulum swing back. he is changing the political climate back to republican. greta: so what is the strategy for the republican party as these town halls continue to unfold a
's the improper use of a police boat and helicopter that were part of the proposal. abc 2 news terry owens explains. >> reporter: marybeth, this is a story that everybody is talking about. as we first reported last night at 11, it all happened on the inner harbor and involves state delegate john cardin, the nephew of u.s. senator ben cardin. he says he wanted to make his fiancee's night perfect. his plan to propose to her on a boat august 7th. but that proposal apparently involved having a baltimore city police department helicopter hover overhead as city marine police pretended to search the boat. no one is saying how that was arranged, but police commissioner fred bealefeld has ordered an investigation. he wants to know if this was more than just a case of bad judgment. >> i don't know, though, that this is much beyond the scope of a couple officers who used poor judgment. and i'm going to reserve much more comment until i know more of the fax. >> reporter: the commissioner also wants to know why he is only hearing about it now. even though state employees have been talking about it for
>>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. we begin with afghanistan. now two days before a vital presidential election. taliban rockets hit this morning near the presidential palace in kabul. no one was hurt. also, nato says it's halting offensive operations during the election to protect the population. but fighting goes on. another american was killed yesterday, the 22nd so far this month. president obama calls winning the war in afghanistan fundamental to defending the american people, but for the u.s. marines there, the line to victory is lined with deadly homemade bombs. >> reporter: this is what constitutes a normal patrol in helmand. watch the white van. if there is a constant in this phase of the afghanistan conflict, it's the ever-present danger of improvised bombs, ieds, they're everywhere. we joined one of the many marine patrols looking to keep roadways open. the taliban rarely stand and fight here, but they lay bombs across the region. ahead of the vehicles, mine sweepers scour the ground for the telltale whine of metal objects. >> we got this one swee
'll tell you more about him. he used to work as an informant for the secret service, which makes it even more concerning. >>> also this morning coming up in kwlt healthwatch" a reason to pay more attention if you're not getting a good night's sleep. you could have sleep apnea and not even know it. and now researchers say even people with moderate cases of sleep apnea are at a higher risk of death. dr. jennifer ashton will be along this morning with a surprising new study. >>> first, a major hurricane is gaining strength as it turns towards the east coast of the united states and could become the first major storm of the season. our own dave price has the very latest. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, julie. all eyes are on it now. bill, a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour and gusts even higher than that. you can see the satellite loop right here, and it's going to gain strength today. now, it's not only powerful, but it's big too. it measures 300 miles across. with hurricane force winds extending 30 miles from its center, it means business. bill no
hand when it comes to cooperation. in the u.s. we have found a partner that provides us with cooperation and also provides us with an effective friendship and leadership in this area. it is important to be able to carry out effort such as these everywhere. drug-trafficking is something that we will make sure is going to stop. and it is only when everyone is cooperating that we will be able to achieve this. columbia wants this completely and we know that the -- columbia wants this to the and we know the u.s. will help us towards this goal because we know this will be a benefit to vote -- to all of us both regionally as well as on our entire continent and eventually the entire globe. columbia does not just ask for cooperation. we also offer cooperation when we can -- colombia does not just for cooperation. we also offer corp. when we can. and we have learned from the suffering. we are trying to provide our experience in haiti, mexico, guatemala, panama. we are delighted that we will çsoon be signing agreements wih the united states on this very topic and we hope that we
over a marriage proposal that used taxpayer resources. on august 7th, on board a friend's boat in the harbor, cardin admits to using a police helicopter to fake a police raid. it was meant to throw his fiance off guard before popping the question. >> my command staff folks have instructed their subordinates to begin an investigation. >> reporter: they are supposed to be used to combat crime. >> i don't know, though, that this is much beyond the scope of a couple of officers who used poor judgment. and i'm going to reserve much more comment until i know more of the facts. >> reporter: an aide for delegate cardin tells eyewitness news that the delegate is unavailable for questions because he is currently out of town. but here at his home, a handyman told us he has been in contact with cardin with a cell phone. once again, we asked that aide to pass along the request for a interview. >> reporter: instead, they released a statement that said, i should have considered that city resources should have been involved and used better resources. i would reimburse the city for whatever co
. rising sales and growing customer satisfaction for the u.s. auto industry. >>> prescription for change. health insurance cooperatives. what are they? and could they provide health insurance reform? >>> danger zone. afghanistan is rocked by violence just two days before presidential elections. >>> on guard. new concerns about serious side effects from a cancer vaccine, widely recommended for girls and young women. >>> and then, how many times can young women. >>> and then, how many times can a person make a comeback? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we have begun this broadcast so many times with reports about the u.s. auto industry. rarely good news. sales down, jobs lost, factories closed, bankruptcies filed. but today, good news. gm says it is increasing production by 60,000 vehicles this year, and reinstating more than 1300 jobs, thanks in large measure by the cash for clunkers program. a new survey out today shows growing customer satisfaction with american cars. so, sharyn alfonsi joins us now. >> reporter: charlie, one dealer we spoke to today said, before the cas
: next time when you come, please give it to us straight. . . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] shepard: you just heard robert gibbs say there are not mixed messages from the white house. stop it. we'll talk directly to the white house and ask the president's other spokesman, bill burton, if the president is given into republicans and abandoning his own base. also on top this hour, box number one, another death at the happiest place on earth. how a disney world performer became the third person to die there in the last couple of months. details ahead. in box number two, one of the internet's most popular social networking sites now facing a lawsuit. why some facebook's own members are saying the site violates their privacy. and box number three, the wife of the south carolina governor, mark sanford, speaking out for the first time, admitting he had an affair. why jenny sanford says her husband is addicted to his former mistress, the one he called his soulmate? and now jessica, her last day. time to have a baby. >> yes. shepard: and even in the middle of a health care fl
leading to the largest u.s. base in the country. the suicide attack killed at least three civilians and set several vehicles on fire. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in afghanistan and brings us the very latest. richard, what can you tell us? >> reporter: mika, i'm at the scene of that blast right now. it is on the eastern edge of kabul. it is apparently a british military convoy targeted by the taliban. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. right now i've been seeing british miller vehicles going back and forth between nato bases and the site of the blast. there are many soldiers and police here pushing back the crowds, trying to create space. taliban has said it would carry out a series of attacks leading up to elections on thursday. so far they have been doing just that. >> all right. richard engel. thanks very much. >>> in other news this morning, federal prosecutors say a federal government informant is behind the largest case of cyber crime ever prosecuted in u.s. history. albert gonzalez, along with two russian accomplices allegedly hacked
and another videographer with traveling with a u.s. military unit when their vehicle ran over a bomb. two soldiers were also hurt in the explosion. >>> 22-year-old dallas smith is going to prison, sentenced to eight years for carrying a pipe bomb in his backpack near a biotechnology center in baltimore. smith was found guilty of having the explosive device and attempted to take a gun away from a police officer. >>> the mystery is over. police have their guy. it was a robbery that sort of puzzled police in montgomery county. back on july 30th the saks fifth avenue store in chevy chase was robbed. several chanel dresses were taken. detectives had surveillance pictures of the suspect, the only problem, couldn't make out if it was a he or she. eventually they figured out it was a man and an arrest warrant was put out for 20-year-old jonathan bradley and last week during a routine traffic stop dressed as a woman bradley was arrested. >>> what's taking so long to get the air back on in mccolloh homes? the worst heat of the summer making seniors steaming mad. linda so is live to tell us what is
anywhere else f you believe this country is great but the government is leading us like sheep, stand up, you know the drill. no sneakers, no m&m's but plenty of beck. come on, follow me. everything the government runs is bankrupt. medicare is broke. medicaid is broke. the post office is broke. amtrak is broke. social security is a bigger ponzi scheme and bigger fraud than anything bernie madoff ever dreamed of. it is broke. the government consumes wealth, private industry produces wealth. the government and private enterprise are the opposite. think about it, if private enterprise fails to produce what consumers want or fails to produce a profit for investors it goes out of business. the government doesn't understand the need to satisfy consumers or investors because it doesn't produce anything. it just keeps consuming our tax dollars, which we like sheep just keep turning over to the bureaucrats to spend. when a government wants to save money, it shuts down, like chicago's city hall did yesterday. when private enterprise wants to make more money, it works overtime. when the voters conc
joins us with a quick look this morning. >> thank you. back to bill very quickly. just want to show everybody what is happinobill. it continues to intensify. thwind are up to 100 miles per hour and -- okay, i guess we're in the going to look at t still forecast to become maor jhurricane over the next 4 hours. h, nt too bad -- over the next 24 hours. with a cold front starting to shtretclo osetor e urarea, and the possibility of a little nesunshi out there during the morning hours,nse'll see some showeruras th develop up aheahead of that fro latr today and some d of the storms could contain gusty winds and very heavy rain. we'll see what happens. temperatures right now, we never really cooled off overnight. we are at 77-degree at reagan national. humidity back up, 74%. i think the best chance of showers and thunderstorms will be any 2 00 : d an2:00 and anusee aft00yoeru c noon temperatures later today in the low 90s. 91 here in washington. 90 in baltimore. >> we'll talk mother about bill in just a little bit. >>> let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> it is not
glad that you're with us on this tuesday. i'm christi paul. welcome to "hln news and views." so good to see you. breaking news we're learning about today regarding michael jackson. he'll be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday in glendale north of los angeles on august 29th. that's next saturday. a family spokesman says the singer will be buried in the cemetery's great mausoleum which features replicas of the works of michelangelo. the ceremony will be limited to family and close friends though. remember, jackson died on june 26th. >>> his family though may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the late singer's concert promoter. a family attorney says jackson's family thinks aeg live played an active role during the last six months of his life and apparently paid for dr. conrad murray's services. remember, murray is at the center of a criminal investigation into jackson's death. >>> i want to let you know we are getting breaking news in. we're just learning here journalist robert novak has died. his family says he died of cancer. the longtime columnist was a cnn ho
. that's the show tonight. we thank you for being with us. next, campbell brown. -- captions by vitac -- >>> tonight, hear the questions we want answered. is michael vick for real? >> the hurt and the guilt that i felt and that was the reason i crashed so many nights. >> the nfl star who went to prison for running a dogfighting ring tells "60 minutes" he's a changed man. is he just manipulating the media to get back in the game and cash in once more? michael vick's apology tour. >>> also, why would anyone bring a weapon to a town hall with the president? >> in america people have the ability to fight back and to resist. >> it's not against the law but is it way over the line? >>> plus tonight's "newsmaker." milwaukee's major beaten with a pipe after he tried to stop an attack on a grandmother and baby. >> the mayor was willing to stand between that guy and defenseless and suffered significant wounds. >> we'll tell you how he's doing tonight. >>> and the truth is out there. the british government shares its secret x files on aliens and ufos with the world. >>> hey, there,
u.s. troops, and wounded three others. earlier today, seven people were killed, including two u.n. workers, when a suicide bomber targeted a convoy of british troops and two mortar rounds stuck near the presidential palace as the taliban tries to disrupt thursday's elections. >>> disturbing new details in the murders of byrd and melanie billings, the florida couple who adopted special needs children. newly released documents reveal their 10-year-old son was sleeping with his parents when masked gunmen burst in. in the boy's words, two bad men said, you are going to die, one, two and three. and a 9-year-old who was asleep in another room said he heard seven booms and a scream. eight suspects have been arrested in connection with the case. >>> a california grand jury has indicted sunday school teacher melissa huckaby for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 8-year-old sandra cantu, who disappeared in march. she could face the death penalty. huckaby's also charged with drugging a 7-year-old girl, and a 37-year-old man. >>> a computer program is accused of masterminding the biggest i.
and was the first democrat to hold that office and 100 years. she is to say -- she used to say they have always done it this way. when she was commissioner, she focused quite quickly on consumer issues and gravitated immediately to issues of health. healthcare has been a passion of hers. she served as the chair of the health committee for the national association of health commissioners. during her second term, she took a move that was first in the nation in terms of denying the acquisition of kansas's bluecross blueshield. the reason she denied that was because of the increase of rates would have been a significant on individuals. in 2002 she was elected governor. she focused a lot of energy on education as well as the environment and health care. in 2006 she was elected to her second term and had recently been named by "time" magazine as one of the top five governors. we were happy she was our governor. the majority of us had reelected her, and then the president called. on april 29 she was sworn in to be the 21st secretary of the department of health and human services. the night she was sworn in
. >> so, what might a public option really mean? senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, shows us and tells at the magic wall. elizabeth, what would a government health plan look like? >> right now, kyra, we want to give people the facts about the public option, public health insurance. let's take a look at the basics. basically what we're talking about is the government would be paying for this health insurance. they'd be funding it. they'd be administering it, really, kyra, it is similar to medicare. we're all familiar with medicare. that is basically a government-sponsored health care -- health insurance program for anyone over age 65, you could think of this public option in a way as health care insurance, publicly funded for the rest of us. >> so, what's the big concern? >> well, the big concern is this -- the premiums for this public option are expected to be about 10% to 20% lower than what you would have to pay for private insurance. now, sounds good, right? i mean, who can argue with something that costs less? but the concern is that because it costs less, employers are g
democrats because we feel it's the first step towards government takeover of health car care. >> with us now is our dynamic you do woe, cbs contributor robert reich, whose book is called "super capitalism" and stev steven moore, "the end of prosperity." i have such a headache on this issue and i don't know who's going to pay for the aspirin. robert, i know you are in favor of the public option but should the president be pragmatic now that the polls are against him and saying it's not going to happen. should he give up. >> he should not give up because a public option is very critical. you have to have competition amongst the insurance companies, there is not enough competition. we saw monday insurance stock soared over rumors on the weekend the president is backing down from the public option. it's all about money and the more money they make, the more health insurance will cost. number two, the white house has to be very specific the president is not going to sign a bill that doesn't have this in it. all the waffling that's gone on over the last two or three days an waffling whether the pr
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